Dark Angels

Of all the mysteries and legends that populate the lands of mortals, none are more intruiging that those of the Dark Angels. Mighty warriors of ancient times, the history and origins of the Dark Angels are entirely unknown. Indeed, almost nothing is known about the Dark Angels, despite the best efforts of the mortal races.

The first recorded tale regarding the Dark Angels was by the great monk Magni the Elder. Brother Magni was a renouned hero from the God Wars, and was present at many of the most important battles. Magni was also a avid writer and historian, and therefore his accounts of the War are amongst the detailed of accounts. It was at the second battle of Bamaro that Magni describes his encounter with the Angels. Under heavy attack from waves of enemy forces, Bamaro was on the brink of being lost, when suddenly:

“From seemingly nowhere, bathed in a golden light did spring forth a host of angels, dressed in suits of beautiful armor and wielding great weapons of righteousness. From this light they did step forward and charge into the ranks of the wicked foe, pushing forward in complete silence… not a shout, not a scream, not even a murmur of sound. They methodically broke through the enemy lines, destroying entire swathes of enemy forces. Absolutely shocked, we rallied behind them, and continued to drive forward – our wounds suddenly healed.”

Over the course of the God Wars, the Dark Angels appeared at most of the major battles, often turning the tide against the forces of Drar. They appeared few in numbers, but strong in power, and never quite seemed to die. Whenever the battle brought them into combat with the Dreaded, the minions of Drar, they would use clever tactics and defensive stances until they were numerous enough to encircle the Dreaded and defeat it. By the end of the War, Drar was utterly broken, his minions shattered, and his attempts at taking all of Erasil and Daeis unsuccessful. The last of the Dreaded fell in the Battle of Twin Peaks, and their stench on the world was thought ended.

With the denizens of the Would-Be-King successfully repulsed, the Dark Angels vanished as swiftly as they appeared. The last peoples of Erasil searched and searched for them, but not a single trace could be found. Even prayers and intersessions with the Ascended Gods proved futile – even they knew nothing of the Angels.

It has since been many centuries since the last Dark Angel was spotted, and they have passed into legend like most of the peculiarities of the God Wars. Their return would proven a troubling sign indeed…

Dark Angels

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